Picture of Designer and Leather Artisan Liv McClintock


Designer Liv McClintock is a self-taught leather craftswoman who lives and works in Delaware's Pike Creek Valley. Born in Rehoboth Delaware, Liv is a native to Delaware's eastern shore and the busy Mid-Atlantic corridor. As an artisan she seeks to join the art of handcrafted leather-work with contemporary design.

Liv spent many summers of her youth rotating between New York, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Rehoboth, Delaware. Town and Shore is designed to capture the essence of fine living on the Mid-Atlantic coast. The collection is inspired by the spirit of its cosmopolitan cities, historic beach towns and vibrant flora of its South. The aesthetic of each collection celebrates the diversity of city to seashore lifestyles.

Each piece is created from Liv's personally curated collection of leather hides, natural fiber fabrics and handcrafted one at a time by the designer in her Delaware atelier. A process that involves the skillful use of needle, awl and thread. An avid supporter of the slow fashion movement Liv creates a range of products that including handbags, shoes, apparel and home goods. Each item is purposely designed to be part of a limited edition group that celebrates the nautical, equestrian and botanical history of the region.

As an entrepreneur she seeks to keep the small batch production of her products in Wilmington, Delaware and add to its growing pool of local artisans and unique shops.

To learn more about leather goods design and Liv's pursuit of this craft  read her blog post.