Meet The Founder, Artisan, Designer

Designer Liv McClintock is a self-taught leather craftswoman who lives and works in Delaware's Pike Creek Valley. Born in Rehoboth Delaware, Liv is a native to Delaware's eastern shore and the busy Mid-Atlantic corridor. Liv grew up on Delaware’s coastal shores amongst family members who had a deep appreciation for waterways, farming, and nature. Liv spent many summers of her youth rotating between New York City, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Rehoboth, Delaware. Summer visits from the age of eight often involve sewing with family members. She continued the hobby of sewing throughout her professional career, finding joy in more advanced projects within her circle of sewing friends.

Mrs. McClintock, a former technology executive with a background in network systems engineering, spent twenty-three years in the corporate world. An avid fashion consumer and traveler, she grew frustrated at the lack of American-made leather goods that could fit a modern, sophisticated style. She felt the American leather artisan was often overlooked as only serving a rustic aesthetic. After retiring from the technology world to start a family, Mrs. McClintock decided to build on her sewing talents - a passionate hobby since childhood - to create a small leather goods collection. As an artisan she focuses on joining the art of handcrafted leatherwork with contemporary design.

above view of leather working tools
child holding a seedling tree and dirt in thier hands
view of the Atlantic ocean from  Rehoboth Beach, Delaware USA
Curly haired sheep in stalls

Ethically led, Ethically Made

In building her company, Liv wanted to bring many of the principals she had gleaned from waterway and family farm communities into her brand. The principals of environmental stewardship, avoiding wastefulness, recycling, and use of natural materials have been woven into her companies’ daily operations.

view of fabric and leather swatches with pencil sketches of bag design

Artisan Craftsmanship With East Coast Flair

Town and Shore Handcrafted is designed to complement the wardrobe of fine living on the Mid-Atlantic coast. You will find Liv’s love of color, texture, and pattern in all her designs. Inspired by the spirit of its cosmopolitan cities and historic beach towns, each collection is created to be a timeless complement to life from city to seashore.