Established In 2013

Woman Owned, Woman Led,

Ethically Made-In-The-USA

Town & Shore Handcrafted is a slow fashion brand founded and led by leather artisan Liv McClintock. Liv brings her unique vision of American craftsmanship and style to an audience seeking products that are Made In the USA, with beautiful details and style durability. Her commitment to the customer will always be to deliver excellent service, high-quality products, beautiful materials, unique design, and low waste local production. Her commitment to her staff is to provide a safe, caring work environment, competitive pay, and the ability to truly craft items from beginning to end. She feels this allows her team to feel a sense of ownership in the quality they produce.

“As an artisan, choosing to be a slow fashion brand is simple since it comes naturally to the craftsperson. Town & Shore Handcrafted is at the heart of slow fashion. The fashion industry doesn’t make that an easy choice for any brand, in fact it discourages it.  As a small business we must be resourceful. We have a unique opportunity to build ethically and sustainably at a grass roots level. We wrap those principals into what we make and do every day.”   -Liv McClintock

Town & Shore Handcrafted collections speak to the duality of life between the city and seashore. Small capsule collections use color, texture and shape that is drawn from both environments. Liv McClintock combines chic classic pieces that blend easily into city life, as well as colorful carefree styles that speak of resort destinations. Accessories are meant to be blended across seasons and collections, enabling the customer to select pieces that fit their current wardrobe or inspire new looks.

Beautifully Handcrafted

Whether handcrafting an evening clutch, uniquely colored travel bag or a made-to-measure item, Liv and her team construct each piece with special attention to fit, comfort and finish. Each unique item is created from our in-house stock of leather hides and handcrafted one at a time in our Delaware atelier. A process that involves the skillful use of needle, awl, thread, and many other leather tools that have been used in the trade for hundreds of years.

Responsible Sourcing

To maintain our focus on sustainability, most of the fibers we use are deadstock fabrics of the best quality. Deadstock materials are fabric overruns from mills and fashion brands who have over-produced. By purchasing these materials, we save them from landfill or incineration, producing them instead into beautiful new designs. Leathers that we use are from tanneries in the U.S., Europe, U.K., and South America. These tanneries follow current international standards for leather production, employee protection, waste, and water management. Because we produce in-house and only in small batches, we can focus more on selecting partners that take sustainability of our environment seriously.

Natural Materials

We use quality leather, linen, cotton, silk, and wool frequently in our accessories and apparel. These natural materials biodegrade back into the earth much faster than synthetics such as Faux or Vegan-Leather. Approximately ten percentage of our apparel is produced with synthetic materials. Most of these items are made to order, allowing us to refrain from overproduction. Studies have shown that real leather and natural fiber products tend to outlast synthetic goods by 2-4 years. This durability, along with proper care, will give your investment a much longer lifespan to serve your wardrobe.

Small Batch Production

Town & Shore Handcrafted products are only made in our Wilmington Delaware atelier. Our collections are produced in small, limited-edition batches. As a result, we have very little excess inventory that could later end up in landfills. We find ways to recycle excess inventory into new products.

Sustainable Packaging

The packaging and shipping materials we use for our boutique bags, brand and shipping boxes are made of recycled paper, tissue, and recyclable cardboard. We use minimal logo printing on our boxes to cut down on unnecessary dyes going back into the environment. Our branded dust bags are made of sturdy natural fabrics rather than the oil based synthetic materials many brands use. They are long lasting and biodegrade quickly back into the environment.

Our Boutique

After having the business online for seven years, Liv felt the time was right to add a physical presence to the brand. The launch of her flagship location in Wilmington Delaware provides an opportunity for customers to see the brands current collection, understand the design inspiration and see where the products are made.

A small, intimate location, the atelier provides a place for customers to see product quality, get expert feedback on their questions, and explore how collection pieces can serve their wardrobe and lifestyle.