Accessories That Work From Confernce Room to Cocktails

Accessories That Work From Confernce Room to Cocktails

Hello everyone. Welcome to 'The Elegant Accessory Newsletter - March 2020'.  Like many, I am feeling the exhaustion of this pandemic that is sweeping our planet. Fashion isn’t on the mind of many at this moment. Those that are suffering from the anxiety of illness, business closure or overwhelming family needs may think of little else. I want to send a sincere virtual-hug to everyone suffering from this, regardless of where you are. Please keep up your spirits. Each day you are alive, free and healthy is a win. As humanity is in this together, we will get through this together.

We are cheering for those of you out there, fighting the good fight on the front lines of this virus. Friends, family and strangers... from health care to the civil and food services professionals we depend on.  We appreciate you and hope you stay safe and well. You are in our thoughts daily.

If you are sheltering-at-home, have streamed your fill of Netflix or you need a diversion from Zoom meetings, fashion can be a wonderful get away.  On the other side of this virus, each one of us will need to get back to work. That includes the work of living, loving, playing, growing and learning. My newsletter, The Elegant Accessory... this month and the next few...will focus on style, color and materials. No travel or event listings, because we should all stay in…be safe, be patient and be kind.

So take a closer look at some of my products and thoughts on style. I hope it is a nice diversion with some ideas to tuck away. For when we all get to go back out…and be our beautiful social selves again.

The Elegant Accessory-March 2020


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