Stronger Together - Our Support of the Fight Against Covid-19

Stronger Together - Our Support of the Fight Against Covid-19


Hello everyone. I hope you and your families are staying strong in these challenging times. I want to announce the addition of face masks to our product line. These handcrafted masks are made in a limited quantity from fabrics I have used in past collections and materials from the current season. Once a design  sells out the print will be done.

Other than medical scrubs, surgery-room-blue doesn't seem to go well with most things. Its wonderful how style can find its way into everything. A vibrant color or whimsical print can be a great reflection of your mood from day to day. So purchase our masks today and add a little flair to your daily work and outings.

What's the really exciting part about Town & Shore face masks?

Twenty five percent of all face mask sales will go to local Delaware Covid-19 Fund & Christiana Hospital First Responders Fund.

Below I have listed the funds we will be donating to. Please check them out. If you have the ability, please support them where you can. Every effort counts.

Unfortunately we cannot take corporate orders, since we do not have the production capacity to make thousands of masks. I am very proud of those designers and brands that have offered agencies and hospitals the benefit of their factories. Hat's off to you guys!


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