Rock your Game of Thrones inspired look with Anna Club

Rock your Game of Thrones inspired look with Anna Club

Ready to gear up for your next Game of Thrones episode meetup? If you are looking for a great piece that will get envious compliments. Here is the Anna Club backpack in two different looks. I would love to hear which is your favorite or how you would wear the Anna Club.


Here the dragon scale backpack is shown with the matching halter. The halter is a one-of-a-kind item that i designed from the same leather. The halter is backless and secures at the lower back with metal button snaps.  The inside is lined in a beautiful Japanese Tatsu dragon print. I strive to make an item as beautiful on the inside as the outside, and as you can see below in the second look, the halter lining also provides great visual impact. This halter is not designed to be reversible, but can easily be zipped thanks to the zipper pull. Pairs well with the faux leather mini below.

Anna club backpack in Croc embossed lambskin. The dragon scale leather halter is shown worn on the reverse side (lining).


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