Behind the Seams: Creating the 3D Cherry Blossom Pouch

Behind the Seams: Creating the 3D Cherry Blossom Pouch

Hello everyone, I am pretty excited about today’s post! I love working with leather as well as fiber. The items I design and make vary from belts  to handbags to clothing. Making handbags and soft luggage requires a different range of skills than are needed to construct a dress, coat or shoes. However it keeps the work exciting and constantly challenging.

I have heard many comments at pop-ups and trunk shows expressing interest in seeing how I make some of my leather goods. It is difficult to try to record video and work at the same time, but I have tried to compile some of the in-studio shots and footage about the process. I am a designer and leather craftswoman, not a professional videographer, so I apologize in advance for some of the angles or resolution. As a small shop we do not have the resources to make the polished marketing videos as seen with say Hermès or Louis Vuitton. You can be assured however, that what you see is the heart and soul of an artisan at work, minus the polish of a global conglomerate.

 View the finished 3D Cherry Blossom Pouch in our store.

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